Privacy Policy

For us, your privacy is essential. At Super Supplements, we follow a few basic principles regarding our customers and website visitors’ confidentiality and privacy:
1. We will not ask you personally for personal data except where we actually need your personal information to process and deliver your medicinal products and sleep pills online.
2. We do not share with anyone your personal information and contact details except to respect the law, protect our legal rights or other organizations which are involved in the delivery process of medicines at your door.
3. Unless requested for repeated orders and requests, we do not store your personal information.

1. Collection of Information of Website Visitors and Registered Users

Super supplements collects information, like many other site operators, which is frequently available through web browsers and servers. This information that does not identify people could include the language preferences of the visitor, browser type, visiting the website date and time, and the reference site. In an attempt to better understand how its visitors, use the Website, Super Supplements collects this information.

Super supplements also collects potentially personal information. This can include our registered customers’ Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. Any personal identifying information collected by Super Supplements shall be used and disclosed, as described below, under the same circumstances, as for the use and disclosure of non-personally identifiable information.

The information collected by Super supplements website includes, but not limited to:

  • All personal details entered and sent to our site, such as your name, e-mail address, contact number, etc.
  • As collected by cookies from your navigation around our website are included in the information collected through the Super Supplements site, however not limited to: It includes information that we can recognize your preferences and use of the site. See the ‘Use of Cookies’ section for further information on the data collected by cookies.
  • Our website will automatically collect your Internet Protocol (IP) address.

2. Use of Information

Super supplements may use information collected automatically from our website and information you provide for the following purposes voluntarily: Super supplements

  • To answer the user’s questions and requests.
  • To warn the user of any changes in our products and services.
  • Tasks arising out of any agreements with Super Supplements, such as delivery of online remedies ordered by the user, are to be completed.
  • To supply our products with information. Info material and newsletters, promotional emails and similar messages can be included.

3. Security of Information

In order to make its website visitors and users secure, a super supplements uses advanced security measures. Our on-line ordering system uses the latest Secured Encryption Technology and all of the user’s personal and credit card data, protected by state-of-the-art security shields. Our system also provides safeguards to protect you from credit card fraud. Additional information is stored on secured computers by Super supplements which store your information in compliance with the most recent data protection guidelines.

4. Disclosure of Information

Super Supplements tends to take the privacy of personal information for users seriously and only shares your personal details in exceptional circumstances. We may share your personal information if:

  • This is required by law. This is necessary. Super Supplements will, for example, have an obligation to share this information with the manufacturer in order to fulfil its reporting obligations and take the appropriate action, if you provide information on the safety of a drug or on any adverse effects of it.
  • We are obligated to react legally in the event of a pending case or administrative or legal investigation to a civil or government or law enforcement authority.

Super Supplements ensures that your contact information and information is not traded or transferred for advertising purposes to any third party.

5. Use of Third-Party Links

Occasionally, super supplements use external links. At the discretion of the company, our website may include and make available links to other products and services. As these third-party websites have their very own separate and distinct privacy policies, the liability for any inappropriate content or activity of the user at any third-party website cannot be borne by Super supplements. However, the integrity and safety of these websites are welcome feedback from our customers.

6. Use of Cookies

We use cookies on our website. You consent to the use of cookies in conformity with the terms of this privacy policy by using the Super Supplements website and accepting the privacy policy at
Cookies – These are web browser-specified files that are stored by a web server. Each time the browser initiates a request to help the server identify and track the web browser, the file information is forwarded to the server.
There are two kinds of cookies – cookies for session and persistent cookies. A web site for super supplements uses persistent cookies which remain in the computer of the user until the user deletes them or until the end of the site.
We use persistent cookies to collect aggregate website traffic and user interactions data in order to provide the end-user with an enhanced website experience and to help them with their next visit.

7. Updating or Accessing Your Personal Information

Super supplements allows its users access to and update their personal information with some restricted exemptions. You can contact us by sending us an email if you have questions about your personal information stored on our computers.
You may ask that we correct your personal data, update them, cancel them or stop them. We will correct the information if we agree that personal data require correction. If we do not agree to have incorrect personal information, we will advise you of our discrepancy and explain why we refused to do so to you.

8. Changes to this Policy

Although the majority of the changes are likely to be minor, Super Supplements may occasionally modify or update its privacy policy in the sole discretion of Super Supplements. Our users and customers are encouraged to frequently check this page for changes to the privacy policy. Your continued use of our website will be your agreement with any changes to our Privacy Policy.