Refund and Returns Policy

The purchase of proteins and supplements had never been so easy. However, now Super Supplements provides a new way to buy additional products by simply visiting the super supplements store and ordering a full range of supplements.

Super Supplements offer services at your door through the effortless provision of the desired product. The process of purchasing Super Supplements is pretty easy, so visit your preferred product and complete the details there!!

Though it is easy to buy supplements with Super Supplements, we want you to be aware of certain policies we have established while purchasing supplements from the online shop. It’s very important to know. The main reason for these policies is to provide a clear knowledge of our esteemed customers through a return-and-restitution policy, so you are free to buy supplements and shopping from us.

Return or Refund Policy of Super supplements

At Super supplements, we provide our customers with complete commitment to the best quality products, keeping their health concerns, their pockets and their dreams in mind. We offer a return and also we have reimbursement policies, if any of the customers after the purchase is not satisfied or change mind and would like to cancel the extra fees they ordered at that point. Thereby, we offer the reimbursement policy to avoid the customer feeling bad after purchases. It doesn’t consider it safe to receive a supplement once delivered.

•    How can you claim a refund from Super supplements?

It is very straightforward to request a refund, and you have to send us a mail to ask us if any of the following issues have been observed and you have to claim a refund:

  • Inappropriate supplements,
  • Damaged packaging or seemed to have opened during the delivery process.
  • Inappropriate prescribed amount.
  • Different company’s supplements was delivered.
  • Customer experienced a severe reaction.
  • The expiry date is due in the next 3 months.

Super Supplements offers customers a simple refund policy that does not suffer if any of the above-mentioned imperfections can be found in the delivered item.

·      In how many days can you claim your refund?

The refund can be claimed 5 days after the product has been received. What to do is 

• Send us an email at the website’s email address and 

• Mention your shipment number and date of delivery.

• Mention your problem.

• Request reimbursement then.

As it is clearly stated that the refund can therefore be claimed within 5 days, no refund requested shall be taken into account after this time. It is therefore suggested that the received product is properly packaged or not to prevent discomfort.

•    How to cancel or stop the delivery?

Only if the order is not dispatched can the order be cancelled. Once delivered, the reimbursement policies must be complied with. Make sure to avoid problems while you purchase supplements from Super Supplements. You can certainly call our customer service team for details if you have any questions.

We respect our valued customers and believe that our priority is your fitness. We want to make our customers feel good when they buy Super Supplements supplements. We prohibit the return of any item sold, however, because of the health risk.